I can’t take any credit for the success of my clients. I can show you the way, but ultimately you need to use the tools that I give you to make things happen for yourself. I’m just the starting point. The Business Facilitator is here to do just that, facilitate. Then, it’s over to you. If you’re willing to do what needs to be done, here’s the results you can expect.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve over the last couple of years and in that time he has consistently gone above and beyond in helping my business develop and grow.

He has a great business brain (and has made some really worthwhile introductions) but his real skill was to immediately understand the complexities of my particular sector and he has developed relevant and successful strategies to improve my sales and marketing.

Steve will not sugar-coat his opinions and is not scared to tell you where you are going right and wrong, but he has been a tremendous help to my business and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Alan Cook
“I was introduced to Steven through a contact who I already had an existing business relationship with and I’m delighted we made that connection. Steven is thought provoking and honest, even if sometimes it’s not what you want to hear, he’s innovative and makes you think outside the box which has been great for us. Most importantly, Steven has many connections and is great at linking two people together for a mutual benefit. He’s already introduced us to people that have had a significant positive impact on our business and if that’s all I would have got from it I would have been equally happy. However, I know that there’s much more to come and I look forward to continuing to develop the relationship.”

Paul Bowley
Chief Executive Officer at The Abbeycare Group
“Steven is straight to the point, no messing about and honest.

He has helped me to clear up many things in my business to make me more appealing to potential clients.

Steven is also great at introducing me to the right people at the right time which usually results in picking up a new client! I’d recommend Steven to anyone wanting a successful business”.

Daniel Smith
The Social Media Guy
“II have been working with Steven for the past couple of months on a couple of different projects and have found him to be genuine and not shy with his time. This evening I attended his first ever workshop which was a networking masterclass, I thought I knew most things about networking but I was pleasantly surprised that I came away with a few ‘gold nuggets’ of information.

I have finally nailed my pitch to the point that I am now confident in what I am saying, rather than just saying some words and hoping for the best. I am looking forward to working with Steven over the next few months to see what new little nuggets I can learn from him and would definitely recommend him with confidence.”

Jenny Hardman
“Steven has really helped me with the sales side to my business. Having had no experience of selling, I'm now much more comfortable about my message and how I communicate that with people. He has got a very good understanding of my business and has been able to make some really good introductions to me. I would recommend anyone that would like to increase their sales to have a chat with Steven.”

Bhavick Chauhan
Business Owner
“The time I spend with Steve is always time VERY well spent. Brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, Steve just wants to help your business to succeed and this shines through. Steve has made fantastic introductions that I know will serve me well in the future.

I look forward to working with Steve for a long time.”

Kate Holoryd
Strawberry Holidays
“Sincere THANK YOU Steve for understanding the service I am able to offer companies in the North West thereby picking up on a need for another of your clients; getting us together and APD being selected to work with them to help them develop.

It is rare to find someone able to represent one so well. Highly recommend anyone looking for referrals in the North West to speak to Steve.”

Hywel Griffiths
Founder and Director at Business Growth Solutions
"We first met Steve in 2017 and after meeting we immediately believed, as a business, that Steve could help us develop certainly in aspects we felt weaker in. We started then to work with Steve early 2018 and found our time and investment in him to be very positive indeed. Steve’s guidance, training, advice in areas of social media marketing and network marketing to be first class and no doubt had an immediate positive impact. As we approach the end of the calendar year there is no doubt Steve’s work with us has proved to be very beneficial, certainly not a cost and definitely an investment in our business that we are genuinely passionate about."

Carl Bennett
Links, Signs and Graphics
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