Without sales, business fails. It’s just true. Sales is the lifeblood of any successful business and there’s a lot of areas that need your attention if you want to get it right. I look at sales from all angles, from motivating your team through to the practical tactics they’ll need in the field, I’ve got you covered.
Business Strategy Within Sales
Knowing and understanding your audience, from who they are to why they buy. 
Guiding you on your journey as a business or facilitating your ongoing success as an individual.
Networking Skills
I can teach you how to network effectively, online and offline. Make better connections and leverage them.
There’s new business in your pocket right now. I can teach you how to get more from your existing contacts.
Sales Coaching
Working on the specifics of the sales process, from being seen to how and when to close.
Here’s what we do in each session.
Sales process - 5 x 2 hour sessions - £750.00 - online
  • Getting you noticed: if you’re not being seen, you don’t exist
  • Find potential clients: who do you really want to work with? (Not sell too)
  • Attract more enquiries: what makes you more attractive to customers?
  • Contact potential clients: understand how they want to talk to you
  • Engage potential clients: give them a reason to keep in touch
  • Educate your audience: tell them something they don’t already know about what’s in it for them
  • Talk at their level: don’t lose sight of what they want
  • Set up meetings with potential clients: close the initial need
  • Close: when, how and why it’s so important
  • After sales care: you’ve done the hard work, now make it impossible for them to leave you
Expectations and Assumptions - 2 hours - from £295.00
  • Understand what clients need from you
  • Be clear about what you want from them
  • What does your customer’s customer want?
Closing - 4 hours - from £395.00
  • Building up – questions, offers, proposals
  • How to close – the right language and closing style to use
  • What does your customer’s customer want?
  • What exactly are we closing – remember, it’s not always just the end of the process that requires an effective close
Networking - 7 hours - from £595.00
  • Why do you network? Do you do it for the right reasons?
  • Hope is not a strategy – plan effectively and deliver on what you say
  • The 3 C’s – getting your pitch right, keep it simple and genuine
  • Choose the right environment – be where you need to be, don’t follow the crowd
  • Get more from your network – no more cold calling
Exhibitions - 3 days (before, during & after) - from £1,500.00
  • Pre expo – planning and understanding
  • During the expo – behaviours and expectations
  • Post expo – sales and follow ups
  • Audience – getting them involved and managing their expectations
Other 4-hour workshops available - from £395.00
  • Active listening skills – how to build trust by listening
  • LinkedIn workshop – how to capture leads online
  • How to build a business plan – getting it right from the start
  • Time management – knowing what’s important and what’s urgent
Results from Working with The Business Facilitator
My ultimate mission is to help you build the business that you want. Sales is essential to that, and leadership is essential to that. Working together we can make sure you’re getting the very best out of every member of your team.

Of course, we’ll also look at what motivates each member of your team, how else can you expect to get the best out of them?
There’s a common misconception that salespeople are all motivated by money, but I don’t buy into that. There’s always a deeper reason. Money is only a middleman to get you what you really want. Let’s find out what that is for everyone in the business and then you’ll be able to effectively motivate them.

Once we’ve figured that out, we can map out the pathway to success – based on your specific definition of what that looks like for you and the business.

I’ll connect you to the people you actually want to work with and teach you how to influence them to buy from you.
Throughout this process we’ll keep a firm eye on the fact that the customer needs to be at the centre of your universe. I’ll show you how to deliver for them every time so that they never want to leave you.

There’s a lot that we’ll do behind the scenes, but our ultimate mission is to:

  • Put effective sales processes in place
  • Back this up with effective leadership
  • Connect you to your ideal customers
  • Close more new business, and the right type of business
  • Make it very difficult for customers to leave
Above all though, we’ll do the right thing so that you’re always adding value and getting what you deserve in return.

After all, do people buy from people? Or, do people buy the results that talented people can deliver for them?

If you want help with your sales, get in touch now on 07793 727827