The Business Facilitator will help increase your profitable sales, secure better results from networking and connect you with your ideal customers.
It is my job to increase your sales, secure results for you from networking and connect you with your ideal customers. I work closely with business owners and decision makers who know they need support from others and have an open mind to alternative sales and marketing methods. #withoutsalesbusinessfails
Working with you, here is what I can bring to your business...
Business Strategy Within Sales
 Knowing and understanding your audience, from who they are to why they buy. 
There’s new business in your pocket right now. I can teach you how to get more from your existing contacts.
Networking Skills
I can teach you how to network effectively, online and offline. Make better connections and leverage them.
I have 20 years’ experience at the sharp end of selling, proving myself successful for various businesses including 02, GE, Wincanton, Michelin and Service Point UK. I began my career in the mobile phone business and soon built up a reputation for sealing the deal.
“Steven has really helped me with the sales side to my business. Having had no experience of selling, I'm now much more comfortable about my message and how I communicate that with people. He has got a very good understanding of my business and has been able to make some really good introductions to me. I would recommend anyone that would like to increase their sales to have a chat with Steven.”

Bhavick Chauhan
Business Owner
If you want help with your sales, get in touch now on 07793 727827